In Their Own Words Survey: Take Part Now!

YPBMF have been co-designing a survey for care experience individuals across the country.  We will share key messages from the survey at the YPBMF “In Their Own Words” event in July 2024 –  an online event for local and national decision and policy makers.

This years survey covers 5 key areas chosen by care experienced young people:

  • Cost of Living Crisis
  • Safe and Affordable Homes
  • Communities of Support
  • Support at different ages – after 21 and 25 years
  • Mental Health and Health

Part 1 of the Survey: Quick questions on all 5 topics, takes about 5 minutes to complete. (1 entry to the prize draw)

Part 2 of the Survey: Slightly longer questions and more information about where young people get help around certain issues.  This section will take a further 10-20 minutes (You get a 2nd to the prize draw)

You can complete both parts or just part 1.  After each part, young people can enter their details to have a chance of winning vouchers and prizes which have been provided by the Care leavers Covenant, Rees Foundation and Catch22:

  • 100 x £10 Amazon or Just Eat vouchers (provided by Catch22 NLCBF)
  • 10 x £50 Amazon Vouchers (provided by the Care Leavers Covenant)
  • 10 x Ask Jan memberships (including access to health and wellbeing services and discounts in all kinds of stores) and a microwave oven (provided by the Rees Foundation)

Do the survey Here:

Closing Date: 16th June 2024

What happened last time?  2 years ago, over 450 young people answered our Cost of Living survey.  The impact of our ‘Survival Is Not Easy’ report was significant with invites to government events and meetings and local ringfencing of funds to support care leavers.  Last year, our 2nd annual “In Their Own Words” event highlighted experiences and made key asks around 5 areas including care leaver hubs – we know that a number of local authorities have set up care leaver hubs as a direct result of the messages they heard that day.  You can read about last year’s event Here.

Thanks for taking part & please do share this with care experienced young people you may know.