Celebrating 20 years of NLCBF
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What are Positivitrees?

To mark 20 Years of NLCBF, we are asking member local authorities to plant a tree symbolising:

  1. Their commitment to seeing care experienced young people grow and thrive.
  2. A commitment to growing their local offer to care experienced young people

We would love to see groups of care experienced young people, leaving care professionals and corporate parents getting together across the country to plant their ‘Positivitree.’


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How do I plant a Positivitree?

We have worked with Timpsons to create a plaque for each ‘Positivitree’ which will mark the occasion of NLCBF’s 20th birthday and link to the local authority’s local offer. To find out how to go about planting a tree and getting a plaque, please Contact Us.

Where are the Positivitrees so far?

Find out which NLCBF Local Authority members have planted a tree so far here Positvitree Map – November 2023

What is a 'Local Offer'?

Each local authority has a ‘Local Offer’ which outlines the support they offer to care experienced young people. While some parts of the local offer are prescribed by central government, much of the local offer is agreed locally which can lead to a ‘postcode lottery’ for care experienced young people. Local Offers should be easily accessible and reviewed regularly, involving care experienced young people in coproducing them.

The Local Offer should reflect what a good parent would provide.  We encourage local authorities to review their local offers and consider, ‘Would this be good enough for my child?’

Top 3 Asks for a Local Offer?

Over the last year, we have consulted with care experienced young people and leaving care professionals about what’s important to them in their local offer? Here’s the top 3 Asks:

  1. Travel – Support with the costs of getting around for appointments, work and to stay connected with friends and family. Examples Offers: Free bus/train travel, Example offers. Cornwall scheme; Driving lessons & tests, Bike projects.
  2. Digital Connection – Access to WiFi and sufficient Data is now critical for nearly every aspect of life including connecting with health services, applying for jobs and staying connected with friends and family. Examples Offers: Free WiFi up to 25, Free WiFi for a year, Digital devices
  3. Mental Health & Wellbeing  – Getting timely access to mental health services which are care experience aware is a huge challenge.  Poor mental health is a significant barrier to our other ambitions for care experienced young people including education, employment and building a strong support network.  Example offers: Specialist Mental health professionals within the leaving care team, Mental health first aid training for PAs, Access to Ask Jan.

To read the Top 10 Asks – Click Here