National Apprenticeship Week: Key messages coming out of Care X Apprentice Network

National Apprenticeship Week: Key messages coming out of Care X Apprentice Network

6-11th February is National Apprenticeship Week. NLCBF’s Care X Apprentice Network have been working with ‘Moving on Up’ to promote key messages about supporting care experienced apprentices.  On Thursday, 9th February, Victoria Odude, the YPBMF Steering Group Rep and members of the Care X Apprentice Network will be meeting with the Children and Families Minister, Claire Coutinho.

There is a brilliant infographic you can share Moving On Up_NAW2023


Here are 5 key messages coming out of the Care X Apprentice Network:

1) Care experienced apprentices need support with career progression

“ I felt thrown into a job last minute and not many options to choose from after apprenticeship is finished”

“I wasn’t sure where to go next towards the end of my apprenticeship that made me very anxious for the future and my security”

“False promises of where you can go and what you can do after apprenticeship is completed “

2) Care experienced apprentices need enhanced wages and financial support

“ it’s impossible to live off a standard apprenticeship wage. I don’t live at home with my family. I pay for my own bills, food and I have to get my apprenticeship “

“Different areas/local authorities having standard apprenticeship wage and others having a higher enhanced apprenticeship wage”


3) Care experienced apprentices need good induction & support with the emotional and practical side of their apprenticeship opportunity

“ we nee additional support and mentoring, access to personal advisers (needs to be thought through) and counselling support”

“I had loads of worries and didn’t feel welcomed by the whole team. I didn’t know where to go for information and answers”

“Finding the right trainer to train you or to shadow, not everyone can train”

4) Care experienced young people need a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available

“Local authorities/leaving care teams to have a career advice worker to help and let you know if the qualification and or apprenticeship is right for what you want”

“All the apprenticeships available are in administration, that’s not going to work for me. I like to work outside not with computers”

5) Care experienced apprenticeship opportunities should be celebrated sensitively and not add to the stigmatisation of young people.

“I felt under pressure to tell my story regularly “

“Instead of having a guaranteed job after apprenticeship, having a guaranteed interview or a 12 month placement so you have a choice”  “I want to go for a job and get it on merit”

“You just got the job because your a care leaver”


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