Personal Advisor Celebration Awards 2023!

Our practitioners event is just around the corner and we wanted to take a moment to look back at our winner and runners up from last years personal advisor celebration awards.

Unlike 2022, we decided to change things up and add a few more celebration awards to the mix, to really reflect the work of PA’s in 2023!

  • PA Team of The Year
  • Rising Star
  • Lifetime Achiever
  • PA of The Year

So, here are the runners up, and our winners of this years PA Celebration Awards.


PA Team of The Year Award

Runner Up – Walsall 

Congratulations to Walsall! They were nominated for true resilience and determination. They have built and strengthened bonds with services such as the energy efficiency team and local industry to secure the best support possible for their young people.

“The team have always remained focused on young people and their dreams and aspirations”

Winner –  Surrey 

A huge congratulations to Surrey, this years winners! They were nominated for passion, and regularly going above and beyond for their care leavers and exceeding expectations.

“The team always strive to improve practice and the service offered… As a result, care leavers feel valued and have a sense of belonging”

Rising Star Award

Runner Up – Manjit Cheema From Wolverhampton

Congratulations to Manjit from Wolverhampton! They were nominated for their resourcefulness and forward thinking. Manjit has developed a small group of “UASC ambassadors” whom are care leavers within our service and he is always on hand to help others across the service.

“Manjit is empathetic to those that he works with and strives for the best for individuals and the wider service”

Winner – Alice Wilson from Somerset

A huge congratulations to Alice from Somerset! She was nominated for her creative thinking and drive to build trusting and meaningful relationships. Alice has created a number of resources for her young people to express their feelings and emotions so she can best support them.

“Alice has been amazing, she listens to me so intently, I’ve never had someone care as much as she does. She is amazing. The smallest concern, she listens. When I am doing well she still take into count that things are hard. She doesn’t push her views on me.”

Unfortunately Alice was unable to join us in person for this event, but her team were their in full force to support her wonderful achievement.

Lifetime Achiever Award

Runners Up – Venetia Bradbury from Herefordshire & Keith Mundy from Wolverhampton

Congratulations to both Venetia and Keith for their outstanding work within their services. Both of them have been changing the lives of their care leavers for over 15 years and their achievements have really made a positive impact on the lives of care experienced individuals.

“Keith has shown a loving and nurturing approach to his young people making them feel a part of a family network.”

“Vee is kind, compassionate and a really advocate. She goes over and above researching ideas and providing contingency plans for staff and care leavers.”

Winner – Dave Owen from Derbyshire

A huge congratulations to Dave from Derbyshire! Dave was nominated for being a true light to his young people. He always listens to young people and will always advocate for their rights and entitlements, appropriately challenging the systems that create barriers for them.

“Dave is naturally parental to our young people and understands their disadvantage which drives his passion to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.”


PA of the Year Award

Runners Up – Kelly Kershaw from Derbyshire & Wayne Christy from Milton Keynes

Congratulations to both Kelly and Wayne. Their outstanding work and support for their young people within the service. They both celebrate the achievements of young people no matter how big or small, and create fantastic opportunities for them to thrive everyday.

“Kelly sees them as an extension of her children and her ethos is that whatever she would want for her children, she wants for her care experienced young people”

“Wayne has established a weekly football training session that not only has 30+ attendees each week, it also celebrates cultural events, supports care experienced young people to achieve their aspirations, it is a social group and many friendships have formed here”

Winner – Jasmine Johnson from Derbyshire

Jasmine, Congratulations! She was nominated for her continuous support and advocacy for young people. She goes more than above and beyond, and never leaves a young person to struggle. Her work has been admired by many with the service and is very appreciated by not only her colleagues but her young people as well.

A young person recently described her as not just a worker, but a part of her family who is always there for her, no matter what”

Well done and congratulations to all of the winners and runners up. You can find the full list of nominees and reasons for nominations in our Personal Advisor Celebration Awards: Nominations Booklet


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