Care Experienced Apprentices Enjoy Coronation Concert

In May this year, before the In Their Own Words Event, the Care Experienced Apprentice Network (Care X for short) received a very special invitation from the Department for Education. They had personally been invited to attend the Kings Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle.

The network is made up of care experienced apprentices who are starting, completing, or thinking about taking on an apprenticeship can come together and network. We work together to amplify the importance of apprenticeships for care experienced young people, support one another, socialize, and share our experiences.

The network has grown and caught the attention of the Department for Education after a few members spoke at the NLCBF Managers event and a few members attended a consultation. After receiving the invitation, two members of the network were asked to attend, each being able to bring a plus one. This was such an amazing opportunity, not only for Toni and Harriet but for the network as a whole to be able to attend and witness such a monumental moment in history.

Both Harriet, Toni and their ‘plus ones’, spent the morning and afternoon travelling into London, getting settled and making their way to Windsor Castle.

“The weather was perfect, it was super sunny and although the  line upon arrival was understandably long, we had a great time. The walk through the castle gardens up to the top was beautiful and grand, really like something from a ” – Toni

After reaching the top, they made their way into the stadium, right outside of the castle. With thousands of people gathering to enjoy the concert and see the newly crowned King, our network members weren’t quite sure what to expect. Settling in and finding a good spot to see the stage and the Royal box was easier than expected, and of course it was incredibly exciting to see some famous faces take the stage, including Paloma Faith, Katy Perry and Take That. Not to mention, Harriet and her plus one were lucky enough to have grabbed, what we call, a “cheeky selfie” with Olly Murs, as he snuck out to watch the rest of the show from afar!

The event showcased incredible performances and moments of the King’s life in a way that our members struggled to put into words, although artistic and wonderful come to mind. Eventually the night came to an end. Our members debriefed and headed back to their hotel to absorb everything they had so unbelievably been able to witness, before heading home early the next morning.

“It was like nothing I had seen before, the concert was incredible, although the drones were really, just wow!” – Rhys

Overall the entire event was historic and our members had a great time. They were able to make some unforgettable memories together all while witnessing a once in a life time event. It was an honor to be invited, and we cant wait to see were the network go next.

“It was truly an honor to be a part of something so big. I would never have had an opportunity like this before and the network has given me this opportunity” – Harriet

A huge thank you to everyone who made this happen, and to our members for sharing your trip with us.

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